Monday, September 21, 2009


What you are looking at is the South End of a North Bound Eastern Hognose Snake. An adult Hognose. About 24" to 30". This guy eats mice and toads. Now, a little explanation is necessary, here. Maureen and I like birds. So we feed them during the winter and we have stored bucketsfull of sunflower seeds and niger in the garage.We have done this for 35 + years at this location. The mice and chipmunks know this. And apparently  the Eastern Hognose Snakes do, also.  We've had to rescue mice who have fallen in the sunflower bucket and have been unable to escape their delicious predicament due to their massive holy Buddah Belly impediments. Our solution was a piece of wooden strapping, one end in the bucket to allow them to escape. ( we thought ).

The last time I had the garage cleaned out, I had a leftover ratty Coleman sleeping bag that had accumulated much too much campfire kiddy grunge. So I folded it neatly and placed it in the far back corner as a Base of Operations for all the little Chip and Dales and Minnies and Mickeys. What we did not know was that  the Hognose ( Herbert ) had snuggled in the folds of the Coleman waiting for the little rodents to stumble homeward in Marital Mice Mania, stuffed and sated, eager to increase their tribe. Ouch - What a trip. The Ultimate Disney Mickey Rat Trap. And I set it in motion.


David Bryant said...

Cool Snake Robert. It's Dave, I lost track of you when Matt closed off his comments section, but it's nice to catch up to you again. A day or two before Matt did the big shut down, I thought you posted for me to email you, but I tried to click your name and it didn't lead me anywhere. Was there something you needed?
In any event, I always appreciated your straight shooting and I'll pop in to read now and again. Good to see a familiar blogger. Check me out at if you get a chance.

Reverend Lowell said...

Thanks Dave, I think it was something about the whales? It wasn't controversial. Matt and I agreed it was more important to me to keep my mouth shut and remain on friendly terms.
personally, I think the guy's got a lot of balls,but politically, we're never going to agree!
i'll check your blog out soon.....Bob