Thursday, September 24, 2009

Coming Along

Three guys working six hours and we're half done. About. In picture one; you can see the two areas inside the garage. To the left of the studs is the storage area for the bird seeds and the mowers. I'll put some pegboard on the side walls so I can hang tools. Stick a few shelves up to get the tool boxes off the floor. If you look to the right of the studs, out the new door, you'll see the deck. Just down a few steps and I can stumble into the studio.

Second photo is standing on the deck, looking down into the garage and the floor before insulation. We put in double insulation because concrete slabs in New England are murderously frigid.

Third photo shows Carl putting wires and outlets and other blue stuff. The Floor has been covered over with particle board.

The fourth photo shows some cotton candy.

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