Monday, September 21, 2009


This is saturday evening. I have done most of this clearing away, since Maureen had to work today. You know,  the Healing Gig.  Those Damn Sick People!!!

You will notice, four Gibson Amps in the middle left. Three are solid state and one is tube. I've had them for like, three years. As soon as the music room is done, i'll get to them. Refurbish them, clean them. I have actually finished one, a G50. It is surprisingly quiet at idle and sweet and clean at low volumes.

Sunday Night!   See the darkness creeping in on little Cass' feet. Little Cass lives down the ......... oh not really. It's fog like little milks eyes. No -but the fabled Music Room is empty except for the window on the floor that will replace the window all ready in the wall. Because the window on the floor to be soon in the wall opens and closes. Whereas, the window in the wall, now, merely sits nailed in place affording only a view but no cool breezes. Simple, right?

The "floating floor" flew out the open door on little big money dollars wings. We are going to hang 2 x 10's on the tops of the cement blocks and level that all up and put plywood down. The fact is, if I don't, i'll never be able to keep this room warm.  In that 10" space we will put in insulation. Over the plywood, we will put a carpet pad. ( or two ).

But tomorrow is Electric Day! Power! More Power!! Carl will be over to spend money. I'm going underground from the cellar to the front side of the garage. I've explained to Carl what I need. He commented that that was more than just the one light bulb, eh?  So if the East Coast goes down briefly tomorrow; that'd be me. Sorry.

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