Thursday, July 4, 2013


 The PETA test came back and showed mixed results.  The tumor in the left lung is stable and clearly defined.  It should respond to Radiation well.  There looks to be no spreading.  The PETA test also showed signs of possibile cancer somewhere in my throat and neck.  This will be determiined by  a deep needle biopsy on July 11 th.  At this same time, my lung will be drained again, as it has filled once more with fluids and collapsed around the tumor.  This will set back the day for radiation treatment to begin.  If applied now, the lung would cook.

The good news is that the MRI brain scan came out neg - no tumors.

I actually was all set to go - my head mold was made and the tattoos were put on my chest to make sure we were all lined up.  As the Doc was running a test run, he noticed the collapsed lung and all bets were off.  All in all, good news since both cancers are seperate and treatable.  And for the FIRST time,  the Doc mentioned the tumors were curable !!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


     Hello again my gentle readers, bleeders and breeders !  There has been a rapid change in my health status.  I have been diagnosed with squamous cell lung cancer.  I still need to get a Pet scan to see if and where the cancer might have spread,  Also, I need to get an MRI  to see if there is any cancer at, in our near my brain.  This is all new and sudden, requiring me to getteth my crapus together.

My first symptom was a mild but persistent cough which we  blamed on my two recent bouts with pneumonia .  Since I am riddled with MRSA, this was speculation, but another infection was in the ballpark of possibilities.  However, a week into the coughing, I started bringing up about a teaspoon of frank blood laced with jellylike clots.

I went to the ER the next day, and the Hospitalist knew immediately  what was happening.  He sent we to Radiation Medicine and the fine folks there drained 1,700 ml from my left lung !  They discovered that the lung was collapsed.  The attempt to scope my throat with a nasal gastro tube failed.  They tried it with Conscious sedation, which was a total failure due to the severity of my deviated septum.  Either I lost more bar room fights that I can remember; or college hockey was as truly  viscious as I remember.

I needed to go into the O.R. and be given general aniste&#$@ (knocked out )  The surgeon managed to spot a fairly large tumor in my bronchus, and managed to get a chunk of it that was malignant  for squamous cell cancer.  The fluids from these probings did not show any cancer cells  A small, good sign.

My problem with my treatments is the fact I have all these co-morbidities.  i.e.  The Diabetes, the COPD, the Mrsa infections.  The Doctors will not operate to remove the lung because I would never survive the Op.  I have two oncologists: one for Radiation treatments and one for Chemo.  It's not yet known if i will survive the  Chemo.  The two Docs will huddle and come up with a plan.  I have good feelings about both Docs, good vibes and professionalism permeated the room.  Both work out of Mass. General.  My PCP said, no need to go to Boston.  Boston comes to Lowell once a week.

So - I can't see the future ( well,  actually, I can ) but i'll  give this thing a fight.  I've up-armored my wheel chair and Got my K-bar shined and sharpened ready to put on my Assault-Cane.

Let's Roll !