Saturday, August 15, 2009


The reason you are looking at my hands, is because I wanted to point out the fact that I have something very wrong with one of them.  The left one. The one that is most important in playing guitar. As you can see, the left pinkie is off a little bit. It has decided it wants to go to the left.  Which is wonderful for it; the finger itself.  But I would wish that it would be able to close back up and rejoin it's fellows. But it won't. It stubbornly insists on being inflexible, stiff and  never calls it's mother. This means that I have lost, oh, say, 25% of  my tools, guitar wise. I can no longer use it to fret (Press down) . I can't do 7th, or 6th chords. I can not do major chords up the neck like: E,F,G,A etc. Barre chords.They come out E7,G7 etc. Same with minor barred chords. I need to re-learn all the positions over again. Sort of like a blind person learning to listen o Liberace all over again.  So, if you see a guitar you fancy, send an email or leave a comment. Who Knows?


you cut five
maybe six
of wood
sweating in july
to keep the chill away
in february.

you cut so much
you start to see
oh say, Bob Hope
in a top hat smiling.
you forget the amazing
until it pops up
into your  hand
a laugh riot in March.

"Hey, haven't I seen you 
someplace before?".