Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Acoustic Tile Arrived and Deployed

On your left as you enter the room. The guitars i'll be using most.

Back wall with the new AuraLex Ported Acoustic Tile. It's supposed to be a Diffuser and an absorber etc. Sounds pretty good even though it's not finished yet.  All the tile will be done tomorrow. (Wednsday).  Then it'll be time to put up photo's and posters.

These are the six amp setups I will be using. I'll list them, but will wait to give an overview of each one.
On the top, left is a 1962 Epiphone Devon Tremelo.
In the Middle, top is a Marshall Valvestate 20.
On the top right is my Reverend KingSnake (No it's not for sale.)
Bottom left is a Sleeper Amp: a much modified Vox Reverb Twin.
A Mad in the USA Crate 16 sits on a Cab extention
containing a Weber Blue Pup 12" Speaker.
Far right is a Koch Studiotone 20 Head
sitting on top of a Reverend "Cowboy" Cabinet
containing a Jenson Neo 12" Speaker.

This wall is on your right, as you enter the room. You can seethe Synth.
The bookcase is there to control paperwork and sheet music, as well
as magazines and books of general interest. There is just a little bit of tile up there, but a short session with a PRS McCarty and the Fender Bassman run throughthe Marshall Cab with 2x12 Celestion Speakers sounded just great  I ran it very crunchy on the Bridge Pup and the Ice-Picky Death Treble and the top end zingyness was gone. Very close to being completely done now!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finished Studio

 Just a couple of photos of the painted walls and a shelf or two.
My Synth, which I love Already! I am going to bring back Disco!
Donna Summer is back home in Somerville; I'll look her up.
I'm loading my stuff in tomorrow. Saturday - maybe I'll get help.
My acoustic foamy tile thingies are due to arrive tomorrow or Monday.
Great job Sweetwater! I'll need to "tune" the room to make it sound
great for recording live. I'll be recording live to tape and digital.
Where do you get extra digitals? I got lots of tape left over from the '60's.

The window on the far wall is blocked in, and locked up.

No  security risk there! ( I hope )

A few guitars already in there.
The digital recorder is there. I'll get the monitors up and away to get them in the best "hearing" position. Right now, the room is not usable, as the sound needs to be tamed. Diffusers and absorbers will be put up soon.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I read this poem, among others, at a few bars tonight. A final Beat wrap-up of the few remaining hipsters still in Lowell.  A lot of Jack's fans don't understand the depth of Jack's feelings for Catholicism. There are reasons why some hipsters were beat. It had to do with a lot of things, but they truly wept for their brothers and sisters. They had come off WWII, and knew what man was capable of doing and of tolerating. They wept because, they too, were human beings. I can see Saint Michael sharpening  his sword, aware of the deed he must perform.  This year, see Jack as that Catholic School Boy; not the man consumed by his demons.


... for Jack Kerouac

No one cries
as long
or as hard-

As a wounded Angel.

No one bleeds
  as deep
or so red-

As a wounded Angel.


St. Michael


Listening to his brothers


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Almost there! The garage has been divided into two rooms, a small shed to store the John Deere and snow shovels etc.  And a 12x14 Music Room!  All the wood work has been done as well as the painting. Tomorrow, I but the olde fashioned cork board acoustic tiles.  Wednesday, is Carpet Remnent Day.  A Beigy, light grey, something neutral . I can literally throw a throw rug under the Mastering Area. Then we can begin moving all my stuff out there; thereby reclaiming our Formal Living Room. Of course, once we do this, we will have no use for the living room!  Last year we added a Family Room with Jotul wood stove and a biggish flatish TV.  Of course, 1/3 of our family is now living on her own, plotting a future that could include: Fashion Designer, Marine Biologist, Politician, First Female Ranger or Pro Wrestler.

One Day at a Time.