Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Back in Circulation

Had my 8th annual check-up on my leg grafts last week.
The absolute good news, is that my circulation is the same at my ankles, as it is on my arm. They do blood pressure tests at both sites and see how they measure up. What this means practically, is that any surgery I may need as a result of diabetes and/ or infections, can be done mostly safely. As in, healing can happen because I can get oxygen down to my feet and back.

I know, most people take that for granted, but middle aged men really shouldn't. There seems to be psa's on tv now, for PAD. Peripheral Artery Disease. If you get pain and cramps after walking a short distance, but the pain subsides upon resting; you have Intermittent Claudication. Get it checked out!

And stop smoking!!!!!!! There is a genetic component to this disease; smoking cigarettes is like holding a gun to your head.

So, at the moment, all is pretty good in the health department.

Besides the pneumonia I had last month and the two unhealed wounds I have on my feet.

But, i'm certainly mentally happier!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Quick Winter Poem

" After that, what else?"
A small boat, with a cover for shade.
A small but powerful steady engine.
Have a copy of "A week on the Concord & the Merrimack" by Henry David.
A slow burn up from the Pawtucket Falls.
Slowly glassing the Shore.
Looking through the undercut roots.
Peering back through the centuries.
Looking for the clues, tell tale glints,
Campfire spirits materializing in the haze.
Ears alert for the baying of the camp dogs,
alerting my distant cousins that another one,
more white than red has come calling.
Eager to find the flints, the cuttings the pottery.
Mic Macs - masters of the small boats and the
little places where the Salmon Go.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wanna Buy A guitar?

Hey, it's happening!
I'm losing feelings in places that i didn't even know I had!
If you are familiar with the guitars I own and/or are interested in purchasing them. ( Or, just one! ) don't be afraid to inquire.

I'm going to keep a Les Paul, a Strat or two, a Tele my 135, and not much else. I'm going to make the switch to slide. I already have an Asher, a Chandler and an old Fender clone. But i'd consider trades.

More to follow. ( All my photos are on another computer.)