Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Quick Winter Poem

" After that, what else?"
A small boat, with a cover for shade.
A small but powerful steady engine.
Have a copy of "A week on the Concord & the Merrimack" by Henry David.
A slow burn up from the Pawtucket Falls.
Slowly glassing the Shore.
Looking through the undercut roots.
Peering back through the centuries.
Looking for the clues, tell tale glints,
Campfire spirits materializing in the haze.
Ears alert for the baying of the camp dogs,
alerting my distant cousins that another one,
more white than red has come calling.
Eager to find the flints, the cuttings the pottery.
Mic Macs - masters of the small boats and the
little places where the Salmon Go.

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