Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Last year at this time, I had my single car garage (14' x 20' ) cleared out and cleaned up. Mouse turd free, oil splatters sucked up with WeSuckOilDry , and ready to go. This modest little structure was to be my disability/retirement present to myself.  A neat little private music room. I wasn't going to call it a recording studio, as I had, over the years, actually recorded in real studios. Let me assure you, this is a garage. It will be have a floating floor, soft, absorbent walls. Bass traps and comfortable stools. There will be heat. There will be surveillance cameras and hefty, armbendingly ruinous  locking mechanisms. There will be gun safes, guitar safes and safe safes. There will be about three tape recorders and one digital recorder. (Tascam).

There will be a door cut into the side wall, right where the window is now. I took this photo from my new deck. The reason the music room didn't get built last year. Last year we put a new room onto the house and installed a new gas furnace and a wood burning stove in the addition. We were able to tell OPEC where to go last year.

What we see here is mostly clutter. Old cardboard boxes saved back for when the goods fail and need to be repackaged and sent home to a warehouse  in New Jersey to die. A quivering quaking pile of electric guts. This will be mostly tossed, as I don't expect to outlive my monitors. A functional window will replace the nailed in static air leak that is imitating a window at present. Pink Panther will be liberally applied between the studs and above the ceiling. The walls will be plywood, as i'm not about to spend gold for lead. A good quiet flat room will be fine.

This will sit nice on the hill, under maple trees and easy to get to. A new door will be going in and will be locked down tight. I should be able to play fairly loud. Loud enough for my needs.

I hope to also write and produce radio plays (20 mins). Record them here with vocal actors from UMass-Lowell and play them on student radio. Construction starts one week from today.

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