Tuesday, September 8, 2009


A short trip for Basho. ( 88 ) miles. I've had it inspected, the brakes checked out and made sure the gas lines were ok and high pressure. Passed the inspections with flying colors. 
      Started up first turn of the key (as it should ) and we drove through Lowell; passing by Kerouac's Birthplace, and saying a short prayer, we continued on to rte 495. We only stayed on the highway long enough to run it up to 70 mph and checked out the stability. Perfect smoothness on all counts. Got off at rte 2 , to buy apples, peaches, and sweet corn. (Just to say we had a purpose. Also to let Lilly, the Terrior  pee.)  She was nervous as all get out; much more than she usually is, driving to known destinations around town. We got off rte 2, and drove back roads for the next few hours through rural mid-state Mass. Saw two cows in someone's front yard, not ten feet from the road. Took a picture of an old, unihabited house on Fred Smith Street. (true fact)

  We also passed a horse breeding farm. A rich Dallas Type Rich Hoss Ranch.  Some lake front homes from opulent to shed like.

Took a picture of a typical small New England town square.

If all of our forthcoming trips go this smooth, the VW will be proven to  to be a great deal, financial and emotional.

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