Friday, June 12, 2009

Which is a link to Katrin and her web page where you can hear some of her lovely folk songs and folk-rock. Nature Spirit is a nice CD and i'm sure she'd love it if you bought a copy. But i'm really pumped because I found out that John Harrington plays in her live band. ( when she's not playing alone ). There was a small, mostly old news new news story in the Merrimack Journal about John and how he and "Little John and the Sherwoods" dominated the Garage Band scene here in Greater Lowell and Southern New Hampshire. They went on to New York and came "this" close to opening for the Beach Boys". The band broke up and John joined Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels for a time. He played for years for money for "Mac's Mob", a great, highly popular show band. And then I lost touch.
Over the years, their single "Long Hair" became a classic, must have example of Garage Rock. (it's worth looking up a mp3 or whatever they are called ). This endearing popularity led to a Sherwoods Re-union about a year and a half ago. Unlike most events, this one was a smashing success and I expected to hear more from John.  I heard he was teaching. I heard he was doing ok. And now I find that he is back out there, still playing! He will be performing at theLowell Folk Festival this July with Katrin. Try and be there... you'll have to fight a few thousand Little John Regulars from the Commodore Ballroom days.
Oh yeah...... I'm the skinny dude, second from the right.

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