Thursday, July 9, 2009


I pulled these guitars up out of the Fender pile because I recently inherited a house that has a near empty two car garage. By moving my "stuff" to this storage area, it will allow us all down here at this house to move about easier. After all, not many people have a Music Store stored in their garage, basement, bedroom and family room. 
  1. 1996 Fender American Standard with a Malmsteen pickup set by Dimarzio. (all the notes come out in Swedish, ya?) I got it used and just loved the sound of it and used it until the neck needed re-fretting. Since Electron, from the FDP was always talking up his Robert Cray Model Strat, I took a chance and bought a near mint neck off of eBay. I took off the old neck and sold it and put on the Cray neck. I also changed the pic-guard screws to black, as well as the input jack plate. It looks nice, sounds nice, has a comfy neck. It's a keeper.
  2. This is not really a Stratocaster as nothing on it is made by Fender. It was put together in spurts. Spurts is a local Gentleman's club down by .........Never mind..... The body is by someone who makes big, heavy strat like objects. The pickups are mini humbuckers from Lollar. The neck is a beauty, a solid rosewood neck with an ebony fretboard made by Warmoth accessories. (A great company) It is part of their Boogie Board editions of necks from the late '70's - early 80's. This is heavy, but balances well and sounds like a Strat on 'roids.
  3. This is one of the best bang for the buck Fenders you can get. Many players modify their guitars because they want to get everything as close to perfect for them as they can. This guitar has done a lot of that for a lot of players: specially wound pickups, a thick neck, an innovative pickup wiring scheme, and a very thin layer of nitrocellulose lacqer. To me, this is a guitar I took out of the box, tuned it up and let it rip. It needed nothing to be a gig ready pro level instrument.
  4. A guitar I have always coveted on looks alone. Daphne Blue. I just love the color; all those '50's pastels. I still need to get a Pink Strat. This Daphne is a '97 American Standard, completley stock except for the addition of a set of Lace Gold sensors, which I hated until I spent the time to properly dial it in. Now, I love the sounds I can get out of it. That's it, a quick run down of my strats. What have you got?

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