Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I remember being outside in my back yard for the first time with my daughter. First week of April and finally warm enough to bring the little St. Patricks Day Baby out. 
We had forgotten that the Blue Angels were to perform at Hanscom Air Base that weekend. Do you remember when two jets pass each other right in front of the grandstand and roar away? Only to come streaking back at the culmination of a manuever done by the other four. Well, the outbound terminus of one guys trip was 20 miles away from the airstrip, 100 feet shy of my house and about 200 feet high. 
He had slowed, you could hear the engine rumbling, just about spinning over when he made his turn. I swear to god, for an instant, it looked like he stopped in mid air. Then he pushed the Go stick and, man, it was like the WHO times ten!
Eighteen years later and my wife and I still talk about it. I have never felt anything as powerful as that in my life. And I used to own a V8 Ford!

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