Thursday, October 28, 2010

October Red

... or lack of it.
As of today, the foot doc has cut me loose. My amputation is healed.
No more open areas. No more infections. No more PICT lines. No more vancomycin twice a day.
Of course, I have no idea what will come tomorrow. I'll just have to trust that the world will be awaiting me when I nudge the eyelids open.

The home rebuilding is done. I need to put up an "After" little film. I need to edit the last one, as it is massively unwatchable.

Not to be seen as searching for pity; but  the first thought I had upon seeing the room : " What a great room to die in!"

I have a Kindle (sorry Beckett). As I was culling books for a scaled down library, I discovered I had six copies of Moby Dick. I still have 1965 copies of "Peanuts".  I have every "Doonebury" book. I have amazingly huge color cartoon books of "Calvin and Hobbes". Pynchon and Helprin, of course.

I'll go out tomorrow and pick up a repaired guitar amp. A 1962 Epiphone Devon Tremelo.  I'll see if John Harrington is there and drop hints about jamming with him up at the studio. Look up Little John and the Sherwoods; to get a sense, a touch, a taste of what 1960's Lowell was like.\

I'll , at last, see if Tom and Ness and another Derry guy want to get together and play some CSN&Y.

I'll hire some hot shot secretary/typist to help me assemble all my poems and get them out to UMass Lowell and be done with it.

I'm still working on "Radio Plays - Drama, Doom and Comedic Ditties (Rhymes with Kitties). Except I'll learn how to blogcast? them.

In other words, I'm Back!

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