Sunday, July 11, 2010


Got home saturday at 2:00 from the Hospital.
I only spent three nights in the largest hospital room in the Universe.
It was once a 4 - Bed birthing Unit.  The vibe is angry woman cursing every masculine molecule in view or not; begging for drugs and sharp scissors.
So, yeah, it was pleasant. It was on the fifth floor with windows festooned with Monster Spider Webs spun by prehistoric monster spider beings. When the windows need to be washed; they hire Blackwater.

But I bitedress; my old everpresent friend Mr. MRSA, made an appearance that went bad, quickly, This means I need to get myself into Room 506 promptly. My team is my Primary Doc, a Vascular Doc, A Foot Surgeon, and the Infectious Control Doc. While they confer, I renew old acquaintince's with the Nurse's and Aides.

What happened was I got new, orthopaedic shoes, snappy little boot leather, and instead of gradually breaking them in, I put them on and went to work in the woods for 5 hours. ( It's a big, final deal! Really, I mean it! ) I developed a bit of a wearing away of a few layers of skin at the base of the little toe. To make a boring story less boring, it got infected. So now I need to take Vanco ( look it up ) twice a day for a few weeks at least. If its in the bone to any degree, i'll be losing some weight quickly, and you can call me shorty.


Good news - I have heard from Tom Thibodeau and it looks like we will be jamming. With Ness Patenaude - Piano, harp and vocals. This could be much fun. Turn on the Tascam and hook up 8 Shures and Mic the entire room .........

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