Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I guess it's time to introduce the Boss of the family 

Lilly is now about ten.  No one knows how old she is, or where she is from. But about ten years ago, Kate, then eight, needed someone to talk to. After school, and at night. Someone to confide in. And since Maureen was getting pretty tired of walking me after dinner, a dog seemed natural.

We have a great facility near us, in Methuen, Ma. named Nevin's Farm.  They not only shelter cat's and dog's; but big old worn out farm horses and dairy cows all milked out who's owners  couldn't stand to hamburger them up. Pigs and chickens who managed to lie, cheat or steal their way off the disassembly line.  All living out at the farm. 

We drove up there one bone chilling night and popped inside and down the narrow hall to the "puppies".  Which of course, consisted of a dozen Bull Terriers, Dobermans and various attack assault dog-machines.

..... and Lilly. Fifteen pounds of terrified little mixed breed terrier, herself.  We went back up to the Big Desk, and since we were repeat customers and had been checked out previously, we busted her out of there. And we're all still running.

Lilly had been running loose in some of the worst neighborhoods  in the area when she caught the eye of an Animal Control Officer. She stalked "Bella", as she called her and brought her to her own home, kicking, snarling and biting.  Said she had "Trust" issues. She kept her there and worked with her and by the time we got her, two weeks later. (The dog, not the Nice Animal Control Woman), she was in much calmer waters.

Lilly wouldn't come near us for three days, just sit on the couch and eye us warily. But she never bit or nipped us and slowly allowed us to spoil her over the next week. Now, as you can imagine, she's put on weight and lays about as much as any terrier until we walk. Then, she puts it in overdrive and terrorizes the mousie, voles and chipmonk tribes out back!  It's just amazing how the little Hellions get to you!


Mott Cromby & Mat Beaumains said...

Good looking dog. I was born at Lowell General hospital in 1972. My father in essence ran the newsroom at the Sun for about 20 years. I play guitar a lot and write poems too.

Reverend Lowell said...

Mott and Matt......

I'll say you do! You write Very Good poems and songs. I listened to just your first blogcast tonight and left a little note. Good stuff, guys!